How does Hawkker help independent vendors?

Brand-new, game-changing tech for busy food Vendors and their customers.

A brief introduction to how Hawkker helps Vendors by simplifying their digital lives and letting them just focus on the food.

How does Hawkker work?

Hawkker is a digital platform which connects independent food vendors to nearby customers. Vendors create their Hawkker Vendor Profile and get discovered by customers who use the Vendor Profiles contain all the information hungry customers need to find the food they actually want and how to get to the Vendors that are selling it. 

Hawkker simplifies digital marketing and sales analytics for Vendors

Hawkker makes things simple by providing Vendors with a single solution to market their food, generate customer awareness, and drive traffic. Think of Hawkker as a single, intelligent combination of your website, social media, review sites and Google Maps. 

Setting up a Hawkker Vendor profile is simple and quick, as is editing your profile on-the-fly and using our powerful sales analytics tools. 

How is Hawkker different from other food platforms?

Hawkker is a real-time marketing platform for independent Vendors. We enable Vendors to simply and effectively share all the information that customers expect to be available at their fingertips when deciding where to go and what to eat. 

Hawkker is not a delivery or pre-purchase platform, We simply help customers discover your food and find out where you are – you do the rest. You can read more about how we’re different here.

Do you charge like the other platforms?

Hawkker is totally free for Vendors and Customers – we do not take a commission on sales and we do not charge fees for driving customers to you. You don’t need to purchase or train yourself to use expensive hardware or systems or pay for any subscriptions.

Explain what you mean by real-time marketing

Hawkker allows you to make on-the-fly updates to all the key information customers want to know about your business. You’re able to make live updates to your menu items, trading location(s), pictures and much more. All of these updates are shown straight away to customers who increasingly expect to be provided with accurate, current and relevant information.  

How do I setup a Hawkker Vendor profile?

It’s easy! Just go to and begin the process. Once you’ve completed it our vendor onboarding team will review and approve it, and you’re all set.

I have more questions

This article is just meant to give you a quick overview of Hawkker, there’s a lot more information about the whole Hawkker platform here

If you still have questions please feel free to get in touch