We're using tech to help smaller food businesses compete with the bigger chains. The best food should be allowed to speak for itself and not be overshadowed by giant retailers who dominate the industry. We want eaters to experience the vibrancy of independent food more often and we want to make it easy for them to make conscious food choices. Real innovation and better food starts with the underdogs, we want to help everyone discover this fact.

The Tech
Putting independent food on the map.

We live in a world where consumers expect to find information about their next meal immediately, with a mere tap on their smartphones – the proliferation of food delivery and booking apps, complete with menus, opening times, allergens and imagery, is a testament to this. But the current state of play leaves out the entire world of independent food…until now. Check out our one-pager for details of the Hawkker platform.

How it works

Competing with the big chains

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Building awareness

Giving customers a full picture of all the food options near them right now.

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Better information

More information about the food means more customer trust and more sales.

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Insights and innovation

Sales insights to empower decision making, food innovation and business growth.

The Industry
Independent food is better food.

More independent food means more small business, more employment and regeneration of local economies and our public spaces.
Independent food has positive social impacts on local communities: it exposes people to affordable multi-cultural food experiences and brings customers closer to their food and the people who make it.

The Founder
Hungry Tech Head

Hawkker was founded in 2017 by Zeid Bsaibes, a British-Lebanese lover of all things food and tech. Zeid spent much of his pre-Hawkker working in a disruptive startup right next to Leather Lane market in London. He witnessed (and tasted!) first-hand the growth of diverse, authentic and affordable food from an array of incredible street food vendors. As a classically trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu London, he hopes to merge his skills in tech and food to help support the success of independent vendors and their incredible food.

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