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Affordable Eats: Tabard Street Market Edition

Finding food for under £10 in London can be challenging, given the city’s reputation for pricey meals. We love street food, and many well-known markets like Borough Market and Spitalfields Market offer a wide array of delicious foods, but they often come with steep prices that can easily exceed £10 per meal. However, there are hidden gems scattered throughout the city where you can find affordable and tasty options.

Today we wanted to spotlight Tabard Street Market, located in Southwark. This lesser-known market offers a large selection of amazing, budget-friendly options with huge portions, making it a haven for food lovers on a budget.

Tabard Street Market has a rich history rooted in its local community. It is situated near the historic Tabard Inn, which dates back to the 14th Century and was famously mentioned in Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales” as the starting point for the pilgrims’ journey. The market has evolved over the years, serving the residents with fresh produce, household goods, and more recently, an excellent array of street food.

Below, you’ll find our five favourite vendors from whom you can buy a meal for under £10 at Tabard Street Market (however, we would like to highlight that the market changes day to day, so not all these stands may be there when you visit, from 10am – 4pm on Monday – Friday only).

The Authentic Souvlaki

If you are craving a hearty Greek meal, this is the stand for you, because nothing can beat Yia Yia’s stuffed pitas. They claim to be some of the best souvlaki wraps London has to offer, and we can’t help but agree.

Run by two Greeks with a passion for good food, their aim is to bring high-quality, sustainable and excellent food to the streets of London. You can choose a wrap or a box, both of which come with fries, salad and sauces. The prices start from £7.50 for chicken, halloumi or pork, increasing as you double up on meats or even go for all three! Even the single portions are huge, so if you are looking for a big lunch on the go, hit up the team at The Authentic Souvlaki.

Oummi Bon Appetit

Falafel wraps are often a popular choice at street food markets in London, and Oummi prides itself on using fresh, high-quality ingredients. You can expect crisp, freshly fried (heart-shaped!) falafel, vibrant salads and delicious, freshly made sauces. This Lebanese and Palestinian cuisine is made with passion and served with love!

Stuffed with hummus, salad, pickled gherkins, pickled turnips, tahini sauce and that mouth-watering Amba sauce, you can take your falafel wrap in medium for just £5.50 or large for £6.50, and the same for a halloumi option. If you can’t choose, falafel AND halloumi is just £6.50 for a medium wrap and £7.50 for a large.

You can also try before you buy! Be sure to ask for a taste of their fresh, hot falafel, if they don’t offer you some first. And if you decide that falafel isn’t your thing, they also do chicken skewer boxes with rice for £7.

Paella Street Food

The delightful flavours of authentic Spanish cuisine! Paella combines ingredients like saffron, garlic, tomatoes, and paprika, which together create a rich and complex flavour profile. The blend of spices and fresh ingredients results in a dish that is both aromatic and flavourful.

Savour their signature paella dish in four options – seafood with prawns, baby octopus, calamari and mussels for £9; chicken thigh, chorizo and tomato; pork shoulder and chorizo; or vegetarian with courgette, aubergine, broccoli, peas and bell peppers – all for £8. Served with freshly squeezed lemon and the option of extra Tabasco if you like it hot!

Come hungry because the portions are huge!

Taste of Kings

They have huge boxes stuffed with your choice of meat and halloumi! Tandoori chicken tikka and lamb seekh kebab are both just £8 and served with rice and salad, or go for £7 to enjoy some veggie-friendly halloumi. Their chicken tikka is marinated in a blend of spices and yoghurt, then cooked in a tandoor (a traditional clay oven), giving it a unique, smoky flavour and tender texture. You can also go for a naan wrap for a handy lunch on the go, with prices ranging from £6.50 – £8.

For those who enjoy Indian cuisine or want to try something new, Taste of Kings offers an authentic taste of traditional Indian flavours with a modern British twist. This stall is a great way to explore different culinary traditions during a lunch break.

Kanji Katsu

Kanji serves traditional katsu curry at Tabard Street Market, along with delicious variations like honey butter katsu, BBQ katsu, and katsu teriyaki. For those new to katsu, they describe it as similar to a Japanese chicken schnitzel or a large, exceptionally tasty chicken nugget. At Kanji, the chicken katsu is topped with one of Lee’s delectable sauces, crispy onion bits, spring onion, and salad if desired, and served with steamed rice.

The menu also includes gyoza and a delightful udon soup, with vegetarian options available. All bowls are one size and cost £8, including options like classic katsu, sweet and sour, sweet and spicy, katsu teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, spicy chicken, and spicy tofu. You can also find their street food at South Bank Centre Food Market, Box Park Croydon and their permanent site on Hildreth Street in Balham.

While London can be an expensive city, hidden gems like Tabard Street Market prove that it is possible to enjoy delicious food for under £10. With its rich history and vibrant community atmosphere, Tabard Street Market is a fantastic place to explore and savour affordable culinary delights.

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