How Hawkker is helping independent vendors during COVID-19

Hawkker is a purpose-built platform to help independent vendors provide all the information that customers need in real-time

Right now businesses in the hospitality sector are facing unprecedented challenges. These challenges are particularly acute for independent food vendors. Even though customers still really want to get their hands on the independent food they love, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to find accurate information about which vendors are still operating, and how to access their food or support them. 

This is where Hawkker comes in – if your business is currently open (delivery, contact-free takeaway, e-commerce or eat-later vouchers), Hawkker is here to help independent food lovers find and support you.

Hawkker allows customers to find out which vendors are still operating, where they are, what they are selling and how they can access their food. Hawkker is a totally free platform that has been built to empower vendors to take control of all their operating information and make changes to this info in real-time. Using Hawkker ensures that your customers know how to find the delicious independent food they want – even now in these uncertain times.

Sign up now, or check out our knowledge base for much more detail on the platform. If you’re busy or in a hurry and want us to get you set-up please reach out over the chat (bottom right), email or call us.

How can Hawkker support your business right now?

Everything customers need to know in a single place

Hawkker allows you to share all the information your customers need to know right now. At the click of a button you can share:

  • Opening Hours and Location Info for all your outlets
  • Menu items, Prices, Dietary Information
  • Links to Online Ordering, Delivery Service Pages and your own Website and social media handles
  • Photos of your Food and Descriptions of your Dishes
  • Other ways customers can support your business e.g. E-Commerce Online Shops, Eat-later Vouchers or Donations.

Update in real-time – keep your information accurate up-to-the-second

All of your vital customer information is controlled by you and can be edited through the vendor dashboard. These real-time updates keep your customers, old and new, fully informed and aware of what’s on your menu and how they can access your food.  

Engage with customers, support your sales

Customers access all of this information through the Hawkker website and mobile app. They can discover you by searching for your business or for menu items or cuisines that you sell. Customers can immediately find out:

  1. When you’re open
  2. What you’re selling
  3. How customers can buy your food
  4. How to support you right now

Hawkker is totally free for independent vendors 

Hawkker is totally free for independent Vendors – There are no subscriptions, hardware costs or sales commissions. Hawkker is a discovery and insights platform not a delivery or ordering platform so we require no bank details, financial information or other business documentation to get your business live on the platform. 

It takes 5 minutes to get your business live on Hawkker.

We have purpose-built the platform for small, independent food vendors like you, so it only takes 5 minutes for you to set up your profile. Once you’ve created your vendor profile, we review it and approve it to go live on the platform instantly. We know these are busy, stressful times, so please reach out to us over chat (click the blue icon on the bottom right of this screen) if you would like us to help you with the onboarding process. You can also drop us an email ( or a phone call (020 3488 5710) – we are here to support you as much as we can in these challenging times. You can find lots of detailed information on how the Hawkker platform helps food vendors in our Vendor Guide


These are difficult times – if we can support you in any other way, please reach out and we will help you in whatever way we can. We are featuring vendors who are currently still operating on our social media channels, so if you’d like a shout-out, please let us know. We can also offer support in other areas of your business, so if you’ve got a question or want to bounce an idea off someone, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help. Good luck and stay safe.