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Summer Essentials: Your Guide To London’s Food & Drinks

Summer in London can be the worst (the Central Line at rush hour), but mostly, it’s the perfect excuse to catch some rays, relax with friends, and indulge in some delicious food and cold drinks while sitting outside. You’ve just got to know where to look! The Hawkker team has created a lovely guide to the best independently-owned restaurants and bars in the capital – we hope you find it helpful.

Guides To The Best Restaurants & Takeaways Around London’s Most Popular Parks

In summer (or any time a ray of light might pierce cloud cover, really), one thing Londoners love to do is gather some friends and head to the local park for some sun, drinks, and a picnic spread.

To facilitate this cultural tradition, the Hawkker team has put together guides to the best restaurants and takeaways around London’s most popular parks so that you never find yourself lounging and hungry. Just don’t forget your SPF!

Beer Gardens, For A Cold Pint In The Hot Sun

Is there anything more universally British than our obsession with beer gardens? And who can blame us? There are few things quite like an ice cold pint, sweat beading on the glass, to be enjoyed in the basking sun with friends. In that spirit, we put together a list of some London beer gardens we recommend checking out when you fancy something different from your usual.

Riverside Restaurants, For Guaranteed Holiday Vibes

When you can’t make it abroad, a guaranteed way to trick yourself into believing you’re on holiday is to have a drink or meal by the water. Since London can’t offer white sand beaches or a salty ocean breeze, we put together a list of restaurants for the next best thing: enjoying great food by the river Thames.

Rooftop Bars, For A Drink With A View

Summer means longer days (regardless of what scientists say), which in turn means longer to appreciate some rooftop views of the capital’s skyline before the sun sets. From a little bit fancy to something fun and silly, this list of bars offers a few different vibes, so everyone can find something to suit them!

The Best Salads, For When You Can’t Face A Hot Meal

Technically, we’re aware that hot and spicy foods and drinks are the best way to keep cool. However, no thanks. Sometimes, the only way to beat the heat is a light, delicious salad and something icy to slurp on will do. If that sounds like you, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best salad bars in Central London.

London’s Best Juice Bars, For A Refreshing Summer Drink

If you fancy switching it up from your regular iced coffee, why not try a colourful, refreshing, and fruit-packed juice? It also makes it easy to get your fill of vitamins so that you won’t have to worry so much about that extra G&T you had last night.

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