types of breads for bread week

What is Real Bread Week?

Real Bread Week was created in 2010 by the Real Bread Campaign and has since established itself as the go-to annual celebration of real, additive-free bread and the many wonderful bakers who make it.

The campaign has two aims: to encourage people to buy their loaves from local, independent bakeries – thereby supporting their local economies and traders – and to get involved in baking bread themselves!

And though the latter is already something that many will have gotten into over these past lockdowns, it’s never a bad time to try out a new recipe, get your family and friends involved, or to check out your local vendors’ offerings.

large bread loaf on cooling rack by bread ahead
Courtesy of Bread Ahead

Real Bread Week is also a time when many bakeries, schools, care homes, youth centres, and many others will run classes and activities to get their communities involved and raise some dough! Even with the current restrictions in place regarding travel and socialising, many events are still taking place virtually, so check out this handy calendar to see what’s happening near you.

In support of Real Bread Campaign’s goals, we at Hawkker will be sharing a couple of extra special bread recipes this week for you to attempt at home, kindly created by our independent Hawkker bakers. Be sure to stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter!

You can also support Real Bread Campaign by donating to its organising charity, Sustain. Sustain is an alliance of organisations and communities who believe in a better system of food, farming, and fishing, and who believe that everyone should have access to healthy and sustainably produced food that protects people, animals, and the planet.

Meanwhile, may we leave you with some delicious examples of breads baked by one of our very own Hawkker vendors, London’s Bread Ahead?

types of breads for bread week

What is Real Bread Week?

Baguette, sourdough, focaccia, ciabatta, rye, soda bread, pitta… how many types of bread can you name?

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