The BBQ Project is a father-and-son business based in Hastings which uses fresh produce to create innovative, BBQ-style dishes. Their delicious food earned praise when The BBQ Project was selected as a grand finalist in the Sussex Food & Drink Awards for two consecutive years, in 2019 and 2020. We spoke with owner Gavin Steedman about his journey, his love of food, and his plans for the future.

“My father wanted to help fulfil my dream of taking on street food”

How did The BBQ Project get started?

The BBQ Project was started because my father had incredible faith and belief in me. He wanted to help fulfil my dream of stepping out from the back of other people’s kitchens (I was previously in catering) and to take on street food and have the chance to be face to face with customers.

The BBQ Project team

Why is using fresh produce so important to you?

Using fresh and local produce is of optimum importance for us, and that’s why we source everything locally from the meat and fish to the vegetable supply.

“We source everything locally”

What do you enjoy most about cooking out of a food truck?

Cooking out of our truck is second to none – like I said, being face to face with the customer and getting their feedback first-hand is like nothing else.

What’s your personal favourite dish on the menu, and what would you recommend to first-time customers?

My personal favourite has to be our 10-hour slow-cooked, smoked beef brisket, which has been crazy popular from the beginning. So, I’d definitely recommend that to anyone coming to see us.

What’s next for The BBQ Project?

We might be crazy, but we are trying to get a roof over our heads and achieve our dream of becoming an incredible, permanent street food venue! So stay tuned.

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