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Affordable Eats: Sandwich Edition

Sandwiches hold a special place in the hearts of many because of their versatility, convenience, and variety. Thankfully, our home city of London has a plethora of incredible sandwich spots! What we don’t like however, is seeing a £14 price tag on one. We are always searching for the next, best bargain, and for some meat and veggies between slices of bread, we don’t generally want to be paying more than £10.

But with a bit of exploration and a discerning palate, it’s still possible to discover hidden gems and affordable eateries that serve delicious sandwiches in London. From traditional delis and market stalls to innovative street food vendors and casual cafes, London’s diverse culinary scene offers a wealth of options for sandwich enthusiasts willing to seek them out. While the quest for delicious yet cheap sandwiches in London may require some effort, the reward of finding that perfect bite is well worth the journey.

Vicolo, Hackney

A hidden gem on Mare Street in Hackney, their Focaccia sandwiches are an absolute must! Sink your teeth into their homemade, 18-hour fermented sourdough bread stuffed with a range of delicious fillings. Choose salted beef with gherkins, mustard mayo and rocket, the ‘nduja and mortadella, portabello mushroom, aubergine and avocado, and much more!

Head to their shop, or order on Deliveroo for some of that freshly baked goodness from the comfort of your own home. Prices vary, but all are under £8.50.

The Bagel House, Stoke Newington

No fuss and no muss, just deliciously fresh and chewy bagels with your pick of fillings. Their prices start at just £1.20 for a buttered bagel, with the most expensive option being the salt beef for just £6.50! Other options include jerk chicken for £4, salmon and cream cheese for £4.50, tuna for £3.80 and egg mayo for £3. Talk about cheap sandwiches!

Now remember, these fillings are super simple and only available to takeaway, but these bagels are out of this world and sometimes, simplicity is exactly what you need! Also, did we mention they are open 24 hours? Epic.

Dal Fiorentino

Proudly made with some amazing Schiacciate Fiorentine, a traditional flatbread born in Tuscany, these sandwiches are crafted by expert Italian chefs to bring you a true taste of Florence in London. You can visit them in Hoxton and on Brick Lane. Some favourites are the Donatello with roasted turkey, buffalo mozzarella, artichoke cream, and basil; the Dante, with Italian Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, fresh beef tomatoes, basil, and extra virgin olive oil; and the I Medici, with stracciatella cheese, grilled aubergines, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Dal Fiorentino’s delicious and cheap sandwiches are between £4.50-£5.00 for a small, or between £7.50-£9.00 for a large.

Assenheims 56

A hot spot in the city for office workers, Assenheims 56 have been serving their famous grilled marinated chicken and South American sandwiches for many years, rightfully becoming a very popular, local lunch option.

Their huge and meaty sandwiches are just £7.90, with options like BBQ pulled pork, steak slices with mozzarella, bacon, tomatoes and mayo in their olive focaccia, chorizo sausage, melted cheese and green sauce. And don’t worry because, of course, they also have vegan options including vegan pork belly with sweet pineapple jam, BBQ jackfruit with vegan cheese and pickles, or the seitan chicken supreme.

We hope our Sandwich Edition of Cheap Eats helps you find the lunch of your dreams!

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