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Cheap Eats: The Best of February 2024

Welcome to another London Cheap Eats, where we let you know about all the best places the capital has to offer where you can get a meal for under £10. This month, we highlight some of our favourite places at StreetFoodish Market in Piccadilly.

StreetFoodish have a few markets dotted around London, including Jermyn Street and Chancery Lane, but this one in Piccadilly runs from 11am-3pm, Monday-Thursday, and serves a range of incredible cuisines for great prices, making it the office worker’s dream lunch spot!

Fresh Falafel

Fresh Falafel have a few spots around London, but you could be lucky enough to find them at StreetFoodish! They have been on the scene since 2013, serving hot, freshly- and authentically-made falafel. There is nothing more satisfying or filling than a huge pitta stuffed with chickpea goodness, and at these prices, it’s a win-win. Choose a falafel wrap for just £9, add halloumi or aubergine for £9.50, or go all out with both for £10.

If you are addicted, you can also find them in Hammersmith, Epsom Market and Fulham. Check their website for the deets!

Hush Hush

This artisan Greek bakery is not one to miss. With huge portions of nourishing, colourful food, you will be coming back for this lunch time and time again. Their stall sells premium quality filo pastry, quiches and pies, along with delicious salads.

You can choose your pastry, including spinach and feta filo pastry, chicken and mushroom pies, sausage rolls, roast aubergine and pepper triangles, and more! Then, add your choice of salad, which includes pasta with homemade pesto, beetroot, orange and lettuce salad, bulgur wheat, a classic Geek salad, couscous, potato and spinach, or kidney beans in fresh herbs.

* Hawkker Hint * – ask for a bit of everything! And it’s all just £10 for a huge, hearty box of goodness. You can also visit their shop in Hawley Wharf.


Pasta, made with love. Join Sofritto on a flavourful journey through the streets of Italy, and feast your eyes on an exciting array of delicious Italian dishes. Run by a wonderful couple, they pour their hearts into every dish.

Choose between amazing options including homemade beef lasagne, Italian-style chicken and potatoes, mushroom risotto, aubergine parmigiana, mac’n’cheese with Italian sausage and bacon, aubergine parmigiana, mushroom ravioli and pesto pasta (options might vary!).

Mix and match your favourites. Choose a medium box with two dishes for just £9 or opt for the large portion for £11.


Serving some of the finest brisket beef in London, Melto only focuses on its one product to ensure that it’s the best it can be! Their beef brisket is marinated for 24 hours to ensure it’s deliciously succulent and juicy. They serve it all wrapped up in a toasty cheesy wrap along with grilled veggies and salad. A regular wrap is just £9, but you can go large for £11.

Find them here at Piccadilly on Wednesdays, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays they will be at Cardinal Place. The queues do tend to build up, so be sure to get down there early.


If you have never tried a Turkish Gözleme, you are in for a real treat! Anatolia serves these delicious savoury Turkish flatbreads stuffed with various toppings made on a special curved grill, fresh in front of you.

The stall is skilfully run by a Turkish couple who use their mother’s recipes to create their dishes. Their lamb and chicken are sustainably sourced, and their vegetables are purchased from nearby markets to keep their business as eco-friendly as possible.

Meat gözlemes are £9 with salad and kisir (fine Turkish bulgar made fragrant with tomato paste, lemon, parsley, olive oil, spring onions, garlic and herbs). You can also choose vegetarian options for £8.50 which include vegetables and cheddar, spinach and feta, potato, or mixed.

Thank you for joining us for another Cheap Eats, come back next month for more hidden gems across London where you can find a meal for £10 and under (and sometimes a tad over!).

Know some delicious, affordable restaurants that you want to share? Make a Hawkker List of your favourite spots and help others find great food on the cheap!

You can also find the above spots, and many more, on our own regularly-updated list of cheap eats in London.

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