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Que & Hollar (Colchester Market)

"We have not started at Colchester Market yet so we can be found this Friday at our usual location"
Butt Rubbed
Pulled pork in a bun with slaw, pickle & Memphis BBQ Sauce
Naked Butt Rub
Pulled pork minus the bun with slaw, pickle & Memphis style BBQ sauce
Kansas Style Baby Back Ribs
Ribs smoked for 6 hours served Kansas style with mop of honey bbq sauce slaw, potato salad and pickles
Tex Mex Chilli Cheese Nachos
Pulled brisket chilli over corn nachos, smothered in nacho cheese sauce, topped with onions, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole.
Q&H Slaw Side
Our own made fresh daily handcut slaw.
Q&H Potato salad side
If it was served world wide it would be world famous.
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Que & Hollar has been a passion that has developed over 30 years. Having lived, worked and vacationed in the USA for many years, I was lucky enough to sample some of the best low and slow bbq and flamed grilled steaks from New York to San Francisco. ​ As John Lennon sang 'Life is what happens when your busy making other plans' and I decided to turn that passion and ability to create great low and slow bbq into Que & Hollar. ​
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