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Koi Ramen (Sayer Street)

Green Tea (Hot or Cold)
Ramune (Japanese Lemonade!)
Still Minera Water
Sparkling Mineral Water
Coke / Diet coke / San Pellegrino Aranciata
Shochu 30ml
Sake 180ml
Sake 30ml
Sapporo Premium 330ml
Asahi Super Dry 330ml
(Extra portion of noodles after you finished. (Keep your soup!)
Extra Noodle (50%)
Extra Pork or Tofu
Nitamago marinated egg (half)
Nitamago marinated egg (whole)
Gyoza (Pork Chicken or Vegetarian) x 6
Japanese Grilled Dumplings. Crispy on the bottom soft and juicy on the top.
Gyoza (Pork Chicken or Vegetarian) x 3
Japanese Grilled Dumplings. Crispy on the bottom soft and juicy on the top.
Naked Ramen (Pork or Vegetarian Tofu)
Soup-less tossed noodles, shredded pork(or fried tofu). fried shallots, beansprouts, spring onions, pickled ginger Lke a stir-fry but healthier & tasty.
Old Skool Shoyu (Pork or Vegetarian Tofu)
Soy sauce based soup, chashu belly pork (or fned tofu). menmabamboo shoots, spring onions The original ramen!
Mellow Miso (Pork or Vegetarian Tofu)
Miso based vegetanan soupnoodle, fried tofu (or chashu belly porkbeansprouts, carrots, spring onions Low fat, super healthy.
Pure White Tonkotsu
Creamy pork soup noodle, chashu belly pork black kkurage mushrooms, spning onions. Our signature dish!
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We aim to serve the highest quality ramen, at the lowest prices... with the biggest smiles!
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