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Viet Box (Pop Brixton)

Vietnamese Bruschetta with Octopus
Seasonal. Currently Not Available.
Vietnamese Rice Noodles with Beef - Pho Style
Seasonal. Currently Not Available.
Bao Buns with Lemonarass Pork Patty
2 Steamed buns with grilled Lemongrass Pork patty. Served with stir fried Chinese Cabbage, Bean Sprouts, Chilli mayo and fresh herbs. Topped with Peanuts and Fried Shallots.
Vietnamese Spicy Beef Salad
Shredded Beef mixed with fresh herbs, Ginger, Lemongrass and sweet and sour Chilli sauce. Served with Radicchio, Fresh Salad, Bean Sprouts and barbecued Rice cake. Topped with Peanuts and Fried Shallots. (Gluten Free)
Vietnamese Iced Coffee
with coconut milk
Hildon Water
Bottle 330ml
Coke Zero
Bottle 330ml
San Pellearino Limonata / San Pellearino Aranciata Rossa
Can 330ml
Vietnamese Cocktail Double
Vodka with Lychee juice, Ice, Mint and Lime, Slushy top
Vietnamese Cocktail Single
Vodka with Lychee juice, Ice, Mint and Lime, Slushy top
Chana Beer Large
Bottle 620ml
Chana Beer Small
Bottle 320ml
Tiger Fries
Potato Fries with 3 Tiger Sauces: Hoisin, Sriracha, Coconut Mayo plus Fresh Coriander. (Vegan) (Gluten Free)
Gluten-free • Vegan
Vietnamese Pizza
Rice paper, Egg, Vegetarian Pepperoni, Spring Onions, Coriander, Coconut Mayo, Sriracha Sauce and Fried Shallots. (Vegetarian) (Gluten Free)
Gluten-free • Vegetarian
Banh Mi Buraer
Beyond Meat 1/4 ounce burger, Vegan Brioche Bun, Vietnamese Coleslaw, Pickled Carrots, Cucumber, Vegan Spicy Mayo, Fresh Coriander, Sriracha sauce, served with Tiger Fries. (Vegan)
Vegan Fried Chick'n
Vegan Nuggets in Breadcrumbs, Savoury Rice and Green Peas, Peanuts, coriander and Sweet Chilli Sauce. (Vegan)
Chicky Bo Bun
'This Isn't Chicken', Lemongrass, Vegan Spring Rolls, Rice Vermicelli, Vietnamese Coleslaw, Pickled Carrot, Cucumber, Green Salad, Fresh Herbs, Peanut Sauce, Fried Shallots and Ground Peanuts. (Vegan) (Gluten Free option without Spring Rolls)
Gluten-free • Vegan • Vegetarian
Vietnamese Veggie
Grilled Aubergine, Fried Tofu, Chinese Cabbage, Bean Sprouts, Fresh Herbs. Served with Rice cake and a Ginger Soya sauce dressing. Topped off with Peanuts and Fried Shallots. (Vegan)
Vegan • Vegetarian
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Viet Box is a Vietnamese inspired food eatery, located at Pop Brixton. Viet Box is a family-run business inspired by Vietnamese food. Each recipe is the result of an unique blend of Vietnamese and different cuisines. Viet Box's menu is inspired by the founder's travel and culinary adventures and various cultures they've all experienced and fallen in love with.
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