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28 Well Hung (Nunhead Lane)

Tequila Ocho, lemon, salt
25ml shot
Laddie Single Malt
25ml shot
Avallen Calvados
25ml shot
Grass-fed Chocolate Pot, berry compote & cream
+ cheesy sauce (with grass-fed cheddar)
+ chimmichurri
+ spicy ranchers gravy
Organic air-fried chips, house mayo
Seasonal green salad
Heritage courgette carpaccio
Heritage tomato, red onion
Griddled garlic mushroom, whipped roast carrot
Pulled BBQ jackfruit, smoky, mildly spicy
Cull Yaw, flatbread, labneh, onion & pomegranate
8 yr old dry-aged Cornish ewe.
Onglet steak, sage, rosemary, tarragon
Tri-tip steak, garlic & lemon
Bavette steak, chimmichurri
Herbed labneh, organic flatbread
Roasted garlic hummus, organic flatbread
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about us 28 Well Hung has 8 years in street food and now a first site in Nunhead. Serving up gorgeous pasture-raised, native breed meats, heritage veggies and banging sauces. Expect 28 day dry-aged rump & bavette from Cornwall and Yorkshire and tender marinated lamb neck fillet from Kent and Sussex. And other guest meats and cuts. Good meat. Fast.
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