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Devi's (Maltby Street)

Silk Road Corn
Blackened BBQ corn cob drenched in harissa + black lime sour cream, za'atar, urfa a chilli, pecorino, barrel aged feta + chive
Hot Spice Shrooms
Bubbling on the BBQ - Lebanese 7 Spice mushrooms with oat cream, dressed with za'atar oil, soft herbs, fresh feta + red chilli. Served with grilled garlic, lemon + butter naan
Pav Bhaji
Bombae's most famous - slow cooked seasonal vegetables simmering in hot cardamom chilli tomatoes, dressed with coriander, sumac onion + fresh lemon. Served atop crispy grilled naan.
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EVI's grew from humble beginnings and Ross & Tanya's honest love of food. We believe in conscious cooking, food made mindfully and that is enriched with heart & spirit. We create the food that is most precious to us, food that is shared, steeped in culture and made with love. Our recipes encapsulate the osmosis of ingredients, marrying Mediterranean cuisine with that of North Africa, the Middle East, Ancient Persia and India. Our food is meat-free and vegan friendly. We source responsibly with organic dairy from British farms, and produce as seasonal & as local as possible.
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