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Bian Dang (Delivery Only)

A combination of fried Pork Chop, Chicken Breast and Oyster Mushrooms on top of the usual suspects in the rice box. For those with a larger appetite and just want everything in the box
Claypot Aubergine Rice Box (Vegan)
Sweet black vinegar and soy braised aubergine with hints of spring onion, garlic and ginger.
Oyster Mushrooms Rice Box (Vegan)
Meaty oyster mushrooms paned in coconut milk and sweet potato flour then fried to perfection.
Chicken Breast Rice Box (Most Popular)
Taiwanese style salt and pepper crispy fried chicken
Braised Pork Rice Box
Low 'n slow braised pork belly with strong aromatic flavours of spring onion, garlic, ginger and chilli. Cold pressed for 24hrs to intensify and lock in those flavours.
Pork Chop Rice Box (Traditional)
Succulent boneless pork chops seasoned in a soy and sesame oil marinade, coated in sweet potato flour and fried to a golden crisp.
Taiwanese Pork Ragu on Rice
Lu Rou Fan. A hearty braised pork ragu served on a bed of rice and spiced pickles to balance.
Awkward Aubergine Bao (Vegan)
Sweet black vinegar inspired aubergine with spiced pickles, fresh coriander and a BBO chili sauce.
Umami Mushroom Bao (Vegan)
Salt in pepper oyster mushrooms with spiced pickles, fresh coriander and BBQ chili sauce in a steamed bun
Twisted Chicken Bao
Springonion, chilli and garlic tossed Taiwanese fried chicken laden with a zingy zangy pickled daikon, coriander and a BBO chilli sauce in a steamed bun.
Ultimate Pork Bao
Slow braised Pork belly in a white fluffy steamed bun with spiced pickles, fresh coriander and a Pork BBO Sauce
Mushroom Fries
Salt in pepper fried oyster mushrooms
Asian Slaw
Sweet and tangy cabbage slaw with a soya sesame mayo dressing
Bian Dang Legendary Tea Egg
Soft boiled egg steeped in a rich tea soya marinade
Garlic Sea Salt Edamame
Steamed Edamame in the pod tossed with fried garlic and flaky sea salt.
Meal Deals for
Choice of any 2 Steamed Buns and any 2 Rice Boxes
Meal Deals for
Choice of any 1 Steamed Bun and any 1 Rice Box
Any 3 Bao
Choice of any 3 Steamed Buns
Any 2 Bao
Choice of any 2 Steamed Buns
Order Delivery via Bian Dang
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Each box is accompanied by fluffy steamed short grain rice, an assortment of zingy zangy pickles, stir-fried vegetables, either slow braised pork or shitake mushroom sauce and our legendary famous marbled tea egg.
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