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Amala Chai (Terminus Place)

House Chai
Cardamom with a hint of saffron
Gluten-free • Vegetarian
Lemongrass & Ginger Chai
Halal • Kosher • Gluten-free • Vegetarian
Oat Milk Chai
The vegan alternative to the house chai
Lactose-free • Halal • Kosher • Vegetarian • Vegan
Iced Chai
With dairy/oat/coconut milk
Vegetarian • Vegan • Lactose-free • Halal • Kosher • Gluten-free
Cardamom Masala
Spice mix (20 cups) to brew your own chai at home (comes with instructions)
Vegetarian • Vegan • Lactose-free • Halal • Kosher • Gluten-free • Raw
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Inspired by the delicious hot drink offered by chaiwala’s across India, Amala Chai is here to bring traditional masala chai to the UK. Amala, meaning free of impurities in Sanskrit, is a reflection of how we make our chai’s, using only natural ingredients. Originating from the Patel family recipes, our chai’s use unique spice combinations to create the perfectly balanced cuppa. Our mission is to serve a drink that’s more than just a ‘pick me up’. We’re here to spread chai’s community spirit and many health properties to the streets of London, much like it does across India.
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