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Simple, powerful, free technology for your independent food business

A mobile app and dashboard to help you reach more customers, develop your food and grow your business.

Simple, powerful, free technology for your independent food business

Get the Hawkker Vendor App!

Get the Hawkker Vendor App!

Register to build your Hawkker profile - it's quick and easy


Check-in on the vendor app, get discovered by nearby customers


Drive footfall, track sales and gain feedback from your customers


Review your analytics, develop your menu and grow your business


“Check In” so customers know exactly where you are & when you’re open.

Take away the guess work, hassle & fear of disappointment from customers by using Hawkker Check In to let them know where you are right now, that you’re open for business right now, and when you’re closing today.

Research shows that one of the biggest barriers to eating street food is a lack of awareness about nearby street food options when hunger strikes. And for a good reason - the street food trade is varied and unpredictable by its very nature.

Customers in your area won’t have to settle for the "safe" (boring!) high-street chains when they can use the Hawkker Eater app to access accurate real-time info about near-by street food vendors offering better, more exciting food.

Update your menu in real-time

Today’s customers research their food decisions before committing – they want to know all about your dishes, ingredients, prices, and how other people rate your food well before they visit markets and join the back of a queue!

Customers access your live profile and menu in all its glory through the Hawkker Eater app, so you’ll never be more than a tap away from hungry people in your area.

Add high-quality images, dish descriptions, dietary info, payment options, prices (along with discounts and offers), and your social media handles to give customers all the resources they need to make informed decisions about their next meal.

Get discovered by people with specific dietary, cuisine and payment preferences – customers can find vendors based on criteria that matter to them with the Hawkker Eater app’s powerful search tool.

You can deactivate, add or edit menu items any time you sell out of a dish, or want to modify your menu on-the-fly, so customers know with certainty what they will (and won’t) find when they head to your stall.

Hawkker doesn’t charge commissions, fees and requires no additional hardware - all you need is a phone.

Boost Off-Peak Demand with Real-Time Discounts & Offers

You’re up to your elbows in orders as the queue lengthens at peak hours, but you’d like attract more off-peak customers (or eager queue avoiders!). Towards the end of the day you may often have to face throwing out unsold meals   Hawkker can help with all of this!

Activate temporary discounts on specific menu items and add offers to your Chalkboard on-the-fly to incentivise and reward early-bird and late-in-the-day customers. Turn them on during off-peak hours and off again at peak times - it's that simple.

Customers can search and filter for vendors with with live discounts and offers using the Hawkker Eater app, so you can attract price-conscious folk (like students) and future fans who might need a discount to get them to try your food for the first time.

Attract more customers, minimise lost revenue AND avoid food waste – it’s a win-win-win!

Capture Sales Data & Customer Feedback

Getting access to clear sales data and real customer feedback is tricky when you’re in the street food business – you don’t have the means to record the items you’ve sold, and you’re too busy to regularly ask customers for real, constructive feedback. Yet one of the cornerstones of growing and innovating your business is analysing your sales and understanding what your customers want.

This is why Hawkker’s created a way for you to capture and record the dishes you’re selling, and what customers think about your offering for free, no extra hardware required.

Eaters get loyalty points for indicating what they’ve purchased from you and how long they waited. They earn more points for rating their meal and writing a short private (only visible to you!) review.

All this data is available for you to browse, analyse and export on your Hawkker Analytics Dashboard (hyperlink), so you can improve your operations, innovate your food and grow your business! Again, it’s a win-win-win!

Grow your business with powerful insights based on real sales data and customer feedback.

A Unified Digital Loyalty System without fees or subscriptions

Hawkker Points is a simple, unified loyalty system that rewards people for choosing street food and giving vendors feedback on their purchases. Customers can earn and spend points at any Hawkker vendor – it’s not vendor vs. vendor, it’s street food vs. high street, and we want street food to win.

Loyalty cards are a great way to turn new customers into regulars, but today’s digital-first consumer isn’t accustomed to carrying around a bunch of physical loyalty cards, even if the perks are good.

Hawkker Points works entirely on mobile. Customers use the Eater app to scan your unique QR code to earn points on their purchase. If they want to redeem their Hawkker points at your stall, they present a digital discount voucher that you scan and validate with the Vendor app.

When an eater wants to redeem their hawkker voucher with you, we ask that you reduce the requisite amount from their total bill.

We hope you view the occasional discounts you give to eaters as a reasonable payment for the benefits of the hawkker platform, which is totally free-of-charge for vendors, meaning we don’t charge any subscription fees, sales commissions, set-up charges or hardware costs.

For more detailed information about our loyalty system, check out our Hawkker Points Policy.

Powerful Business Analytics Dashboard


Hawkker’s robust Business Analytics Dashboard gives you access to the sales/operations data and rich customer feedback captured by the Hawkker Eater app, so you can improve, innovate and grow your business.

You get a snapshot of key metrics like average wait time, number of daily transactions, and your highest rated and best-selling dishes, and you can drill down into unique transactions and verified (private) customer ratings, reviews and comments.

You can even export your sales and feedback data and perform some Excel magic (if you’re so inclined) to support in your investor presentations or when applying for that new competitive new pitch spot!

You can manage your entire Hawkker profile yourself – pictures, business info, menu and wallet – directly through the Dashboard, giving you all the control in how customers see your business.