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Build your business profile

Use our simple wizard to build your public business profile and help eaters discover your amazing food!

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Download the vendor app

Check in, check out and update your menu in real time on the app.

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Use hawkker when trading

Check in, check out and update your menu in real time. Our intuitive analytics tool pulls in statistics as eaters buy and review your food.


Increase your visibility

Take away the guess work for eaters by using Check-In. Let them know where you are, when you're open and when you close each day. We know you've got the best grub, we want them to know it too.

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Keep eaters updated

Give them the bits they need to make the best food choices. You can highlight your prices, new dishes, allergens and the dietary requirements you cater for on your profile. 

How do I make live menu updates?

Shout about your off-peak discounts

Price reductions go live as soon as you set them. This helps to drive traffic to your spot even when it's quiet, increases your daily sales and reduces unsold food at the end of the day.

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Loyalty, simplified

Nobody wants to carry around a filofax of paper loyalty cards. They'll only end up in the washing machine. One digital loyalty system for all hawkker vendors turns your eaters into fans. More reviews and ratings by eaters = more points, supercharging the feedback process and helping you to make your next move.

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Start making decisions based on the data

The vendor dashboard pulls in data from your reviews, feedback, transactions and trading times to help you run your business on the facts. Find out what your eaters love and what they want more of. 

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Bring technology to your independent food business with hawkker

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