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Smith - Peru Elvis Tineo Rafael

This coffee is a single variety Catuai, which were picked, washed, and floated before being macerated in the cherry for 12 hours.


Grace - Brazil Fazenda Bom Jardim

Producing coffee since the beginning of the 20th century, the generations of the Frota family have perfected their coffee cultivation techniques year after year


Shackleton - India Bynekere Estate

It is a specially processed, washed coffee, giving the clean lines of a normal washed, but the tropical fruit of a natural. Bynekere estate has chosen a special 23 hours long fermentation in sugar cane juice to add more clarity to the cup profile,


Baird - Brazil Fazenda Boqueirao

This is Jose Olinto's first crop as a coffee producer. Along with his three brothers, he handpicked their Catucai field which is also their first harvest as a competition (2020) finalist crop.


Jim's Cup - Colombia El Carmen

This Washed naturally processed Sugarcane decaf from the El Carmen Association in Pitaltio is incredibly clean and complex with notes of cherry, orange, and baker’s chocolate. Sugar cane decaffeination is often termed a natural process of decaf.



Bai Mao Hou

Flavour Notes: Sea weedy aroma infused with a delicate sweetness and a slightly dry finish. Green tea with a low level of caffeine | Steep at 80°C for 3 minutes.


Yunnan Grand

Flavour Notes: Hints of Honey, cinnamon bark, and nutmeg. Black tea with a high level of caffeine | Steep at 90°C for 3 minutes.


Ti Kuan Yin

Flavour Notes: Toasted walnut and tender collard greens. Lightly orchid and gentle astringency Oolong tea with a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 80°C for 3 minutes.


Blueberry White

Flavour Notes: Delightful fruity fragrance, lingering floral aromas as you sip with a pleasant blueberry sweetness. White tea with a low level of caffeine | Steep at 80°C for 3 minutes.


Rooibos Vanilla

Flavour Notes: Sweet and very beany vanilla fragrance. Decaf tea | Steep at 80°C for 4 minutes.


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