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Mediterranean · Middle Eastern

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Mezze & Starters

line caught pollock sashimi with avocado, chervil, mint and lamb's lettuce salad

Lightly seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice


Marinated aubergines

Fried aubergines marinated with red wine vinegar, chillies, garlic and spring onions. A great accompaniment on the table with mezze, bread and hummus


Pita pack 850 gr

pack of 5 pitas - approx. 750g bag of pillowy goodness fit for fillings, dippings, and a formidable plate-wiper of sauces, stews, and more.


Blackened beetroot, soured cream, chive

with hazelnut vinaigrette.


Gravlax, labneh and preserved lemon

House cured salmon for 48 hours in our special spice mix. Best served with a glass of white, possibly our Bourgogne Chavy Chouet. Beautiful and clean. Served with our labneh and preserved lemon.


kalamata olives or amfissa olives (120g)

lovely black kalamata olives or amfissa olives from organic orchards


House pickles

pickled cucumbers, cauliflower, and carrots


Challah bread 450 gr

freshly baked challah


All the mezze

fresh baked pita, pickles, olives, labneh, harissa, and tahini.


Tahini from Mount Gerizim

A big dollop of some serious tahini.


Roasted pepper harissa

our in house harissa with an extra kick.


Labneh, za'atar, olive oil

our strained yogurt served with za'atar and Cretan olive oil.


Stone baked pita, tomato, olive oil 150 gr

freshly baked pita, crushed tomato, Cretan olive oil


Tomato salad, kalamata olives, parsley and pine nuts

tomatoes, kalamata olives, parsley, pine nuts, lemon juice, and Cretan olive oil


Cured sardines, Cretan olive oil

48 hour cured Brixham sardines served with pink peppercorns



Chargrilled chicken thigh with Pilpelchuma, tahini and watercress pita

Friday and Saturday for collection ONLY!


Fish Kebabs, Libyan Chraime sauce, freekah, soft herbs, lemon (line caught pollock today)

Fish Kofta in traditional Lybian Chraime sauce served with roasted green wheat, soft herbs and lemon dressing.



Oren's take on this Tel-Aviv street snack favourite. Our freshly baked pita stuffed with fried aubergines, smashed hard boiled egg and chopped salad topped with tahini and amba.


Jerusalem Mix Grill

Originated in 'Machne Yehuda' market in Jerusalem. Our version consists of duck hearts, chicken liver and chicken thighs marinated in spices and grilled over a hot plancha. We then tuck it in to our home made pita with our special tahini and Amba.


Lamb and beef koftas, chickpeas, chard, basmati rice

Lamb and beef koftas, warm chickpeas, tossed chard and basmati rice.


Hummus, warm chickpeas, boiled egg, roasted pepper harissa, pickles & pita (V)

Oren hummus, warm chickpeas, roast pepper harissa, pickles & a boiled egg. Served with a pita



Whole roast cauliflower, tahini, pine nuts, lemon, herbs (VG)

roasted cauliflower, tahini & pine nuts with a lemon herb dressing



Whole roast chicken, baharat spice, traditional Mejadra rice.serves 2-3. (we roast chickens to order, please allow 1 hour)

herb roast chicken with baharat spice served with Palestinian spiced basmati rice.



Caesar salad, sardines, laben kishk

Our own take off on the classic Caesar. made with house cured sardines, crispy pita and fermented yoghurt stone.


Roast fennel, yoghurt, sumac


Grilled potatoes, coriander, lemon



Rum baba, vanilla Chantilly

A boozy classic sponge cake drenched in lots of dark rum syrup and served with chantillty cream


Coffee Liqueur, Dark Chocolate & Pistachio truffles x10 (215 gr)

70% Callebaut Dark Chocolate with a slather of coffee liqueur, rolled in roasted pistachio.


Chocolate mousse, toasted almonds

a big dollop of chocolate mousse with toasted almonds.


Oren's Deli

Roast garlic in olive oil

Great addition to your mezze spread or over grilled meats and fish.


Schmaltz herring in oil and spices

Pickled herring with onions, bay, allspice. Great on fresh challah with butter and spring onions.


Challah 450g

A loaf of house-baked braided Challah.


'Oren' Za'atar spice mix 100g (provisions)

Our restaurant blend of wild Za'atar, toasted sesame seeds and sumac. It's aromatic and pungent, perfect on salads, fish marinades or just with good olive oil to dip with our challah bread.


Whole polenta cake

Lemon, almond, and polenta cake. Pre-order only (1 day in advance).


500g Raw tahini from Nablus (provisions)

Raw tahini for your home to make your own. Simply lengthen with water and/or spices.



House-made with tahini, salt and lemon. Serve with good extra virgin olive oil and a dash of cumin.



We cure these whole Cornish sardines for 48 hours.


Chraime sauce

Our Libyan Chraime sauce is our restaurant signature pairing for our daily catch specials. Use as a marinade for seafood, or accompanying sauce to white fish, squid or our favourite pairing, the humble Scottish mackerel over coals.


Roast beets in vinaigrette

Charred beets in hazelnut sherry vinegar.


Egg salad

Our take on the classic egg & mayo salad with a generous lash of caramelized onions and spring onions.


Roast peppers

Hand-roasted romano peppers steeped in olive oil with garlic and thyme.


Roast fennel

Roasted fennel in olive oil. A great accompaniment to antipasti.


Green tahini

Tahini from Nablus mixed with soft herbs, lemon and garlic.


Grated tomato

Contains tomato, salt, olive oil.


Aubergine in vinegar

Fried aubergine in red wine vinegar with romano peppers, chilli, garlic and spring onions.


Chopped liver

A classic dish of chicken livers and caramelized onions.


Preserved lemons

Lemons are fermented for 3 months in salt. Great with rice, salads, chickpea dishes and seafood.


Poached quince in syrup

Poached with sugar, cassia bark, cardamon and star anise for a perfect, balanced sweet fix. Add liberally to muesli or granola.


pack of pitas (5) 850g

Pack of 5 pitas for the household. We bake our pitas here at the restaurant daily. Perfect with our tahini, harissa, or your favourite dips.


Poached rhubarb in syrup

Poached with sugar, cassia bark, cardamon and star anise for a perfect, balanced sweet fix. Add liberally to muesli or granola.



Salmon fillets cured with our in-house recipe to lend aromatics and spices to the cure. Amazing with our preserved lemon and homemade labneh or simply by itself. Contains: salt, sugar, dill, paprika, fennel seeds.



Our tahini is made on Mount Gerazim near the town called Nablus in the West Bank. Contains sesame, lemon juice, garlic and salt.


House pickles

Our home pickles are the perfect companion to your dips, veg and meats. A combination of hispi cabbage, carrots, celery, garlic, chilli with dill and all spice resting for at least 3 weeks to let the ferment do its magic. Contains celery.


Beer, Cider & Aperitif

Frukstereo Cider 'Daft Frukt'

50% pears and 50% apples funky cider. Cloudy, dry, gose style.


Bellewether No. 1 Aperitif

Locally produced in Hackney, Bellewether No.1 is a bright fragrant apéritif made from the finest fresh ingredients and aromatic botanicals with notes of fresh herbs and citrus. Enjoy neat on the rocks or spritz with a dash of tonic or sparkling water.






White / Rose / Orange / Sparkling

Finca Parera El Clar 2019

El Clar is a blend of the Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer and Xarel·lo varieties.


2019 Il Farneto - Bianco Castello d'Acqua 2019

Electric natty with stone fruit and a good grip. (That's all we got!)


Vini Libre - Ce Qi Nous Lie 2020 Melon d' Bourgogne

A perfect Spring number with pear and blossom vibes with zero chemical intervention.



Freshly baked key lime pie paired with a pear and mango smoothie. Vibrant, exciting and a lot of fun. Perfect entry for everyone wants to explore natural wines - or an everyday drink to us nerds



This vintage it is made of 100% Sylvaner a flinty, mineral white with an inviting structural mouthfeel. It’s incredibly vivid and alive. It will kick start any moment!



Fresh green apples and pears paired with a hint of white pepper, complex smooth texture with a vibrant finish. A real thirst-quenching juice, hard not to reach for a second glass


2018 Koehler - Ruprecht Kallstadter Riesling

Koehler Ruprecht Kallstadter Kabinett Trocken is vinified by fermenting with native yeasts and undergoes an ageing on lees in neutral foudres for 10 months.


2019 Moritz-Prado Terroir de Roche Riesling

Firm, green citrus nose with riper notes of candied green apple, some pear and intense white flowers. Bright, high acidity hits first with tongue tingling citrus notes, followed by soft pear, grape and orchard fruits. The pallet has a touch of moreish residual, as stony mineral notes keeps it light and fresh. Gentle finish with apples and a little spice.


Domaine du Landreau SB/19 Sauvignon Blanc 2019

A cracking little Val de Loire Sauvignon Blanc, grown by Raymond Morin in exceptionally managed vineyards near Anjou. Crisp, zesty and classically herbaceous.


Bergkloster, Cuvee Weiss, 2019

Full of juicy pear, rhubarb and hint of elderflower, followed by electric acidity and long lingering crunchy finish


Bourgogne Blanc, Domaine Chavy-Chouet, 2018

Ripe apple and citrus flavours; medium-bodied with a smooth texture; lovely, clean, fresh finish.


2019 Domaine Bott First Flight Viognier

First Flight is a fresher, more linear style of Viognier than you'd expect from the Northern Rhône. White peaches to the fore, clean lines and a long finish.


Domaine du Landreau SB/19 Sauvignon Blanc 2019

A cracking little Val de Loire Sauvignon Blanc, grown by Raymond Morin in exceptionally managed vineyards near Anjou. Crisp, zesty and classically herbaceous.


Antxiola, Txakoli,

Pale gold colour with an interesting green tint. Citrus and white fruit. Sea spray. Mineral note and slightly floral. Fresh and zesty.


NV Ca' di Rajo Lemoss Frizzante Non-Filtrato

Ca' di Rajo Lemoss Frizzante is made in the very traditional old Prosecco way, known as Col Fondo, with 100% Prosecco grapes, a lightly fizzy frizzante style, and bottled unfiltered, which means it is a bit cloudy


Maurer Oszkar Kövidinka Orange

Light and juicy Serbian Orange from Maurer, pioneer of natural wines in Serbia. This one is made from Kovindinka (aka Dinka in Serbian) coming from 100 years old vineyard.


2019 'Just Enjoy' Bott Frigyes Orange

Aromatic pronounced nose of ripe peach, pineapple and mango chutney. Vibrant complex mouthfeel, with smooth tannins and creamy round finish. A charming orange wine, that will please everyone.


2014 Clai Pjenusac Brut Nature Sparkling

Traditional methode vintage sparkling wine at its best. Slight pinkish hue from the Plavina. Elegant citrus driven nose with hints of pink flower, creamy delicate mousse with a long finish. From Croatia


2018 Vins de Chateaux, Question d'Equilibre ROSE

Soft, gentle red fruit nose with red apple, red berries and hay. Fresh, fleshy and dry, delicate strawberry and apple, citrus and a good long dry finish.


2020 Vihno Verde, Chin Chin (White)


Red Wine

La Petite Baigneuse Foutraque, 2015

A delicious unfiltered blend of Lledoner Pelut and carignan from the Rousillon region.


Colombaia Rosso Toscana, 2016

A blend of Sangiovese, Colorino, Malvasia Nera, Canaiolo. Pure, young and energetic Sangiovese blend with Colorino which is bright and jammy, featuring tingly tannins perfect for grilled meats


Finca Parera El Fosc, 2019

El Fosc is a blended wine made up of Syrah, Ull de Llebre and Sumoll.


2019 Alessandrino Barbera blend by Valli Unite

A vibrant medium bodied red with loads of fruit and a touch of smoke. A decent natty this one



An essential for firing up a bbq or a sunny day in the park! Easygoing chilled red. Packed with fresh raspberries and spices, silky, smooth and refreshing.


2017 De Stefani Terre Nobili Rosso

Sweet, rich nose of stewed red fruit, with notes of cooked strawberry, confit cherry and raspberry jam. On the palette it is immediately soft, gentle and warming. Ripe red cherries and red plums give way to a touch of sweet spice and cinnamon.The finish is sharp and intense with fresh, tart acidity.


2020 Murdoch Hill Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills

A regional selection of premium vineyards produces this vibrant style of Pinot Noir with classic strawberry and cherry fruits. A small percentage of whole bunch fermentation provides spice and structure to this joyful wine.


2016 Ocre Rouge Pinot Noir

Cherry and savoury notes. A lovely organic Pinot Noir for any season.


2018 Juan de Alzate Vendimia Seleccionada, Loli Cosado

Dry and classic style of rioja. Soft but powerful, ripe blackcurrant and damson on the nose with notes of wet earth and vanilla. The palate is gentle and smooth, clean and juicy, with black cherry and currant. Vanilla comes through as tannins build. Rich cherry finish.


2010 Toscana Santa

Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Petit Verdot separation of stalks; natural yeasts; alcoholic fermentation with peels for 15/20 days; malolactic fermentation in wood barrels, no filtrations.


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