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Mak Kimchi

Naturally fermented without any preservatives or additives, The Korean Pantry Mak Kimchi is unpasteurised packed full of probiotics and prebiotics to support your gut health. Its spicy yet fresh and zingy taste will make it the main character of your stir fries, stews and grilled cheese sandwiches, or the best companion to your cheese & charcuterie platter or salad.


Vegan Kimchi

Chinese leaf, daikon, spring onion, carrot, onion, garlic, ginger, Korean pear, Korean chilli pepper flakes, glutinous rice flour, dried shiitake mushroom, kelp, fermented Korean plum extract, Korean solar sea salt.



Kimchi Box Subscription

Every month you will receive: 250g of Mak or Vegan Kimchi + 250g of the monthly Limited Edition K400g of Mak or Vegan Kimchi + 250g of the monthly Limited Edition Kimchiimchi &


Onion Jangajji

Delicious slices of onions pickled in sweet soy sauce and vinegar, with slices of chillies for a nice kick. Absolutely addictive! Considered yourself warned!



Korean Teas

First Sparrow Green Tea

Introducing this elegant green tea, which is a second flush made with three-pronged tea leaves (a bud and three leaves). These fragrant leaves are picked at the peak of spring. When brewed, they reveal a viscous body, a full umami flavour, and a subtle sweetness to finish.


Green Tea And Roasted Rice

These green tea leaves picked in late spring have been blended with roasted brown rice to create a tea with a nutty, toasted flavour and a sweet finish.


Persimmon Leaf

Introducing this herbal tisane that celebrates the unique, naturally sweet flavour of persimmon leaves. With notes of Hazelnut, Persimmon, Caramel, this herbal tea will subtly remind you of a black tea, without the caffeine.


Wild Plum Flower

Introducing Wild Plum Flower, a graceful flower tea that embodies Spring. When infused on their own, these wild plum flowers have a delicate flavour that lingers long on the palate. When blended with green tea, they carry the pure essence of Spring.


Korean Essentials

Haedong Gireum Jib - Perilla Oil

his emblematic oil in Korean cooking is obtained by toasting and then pressing the seeds of perilla. Its distinctive taste, rich in plant based Omega-3, makes it the perfect oil for stir-frying greens and vegs.


Haedong Gireum Jib - Sesame Oil

the characteristic flavour of Korean sesame oil comes from the way the seeds are slowly toasted before being pressed to release all their nutty and aromatic flavours, without any bitterness. Sesame oil is usually reserved for stir-frying meats and used in cooking dishes or as a finishing touch (i.e dressing for salads and vegetables). Its low smoking point means it can’t be used for deep frying.


Korean Mixed Grains Rice

Rice is an essential component of the Korean diet. By adding a mix of grains and beans to plain white rice, Korean mums ensure a more balanced meal. And it’s delicious too! The nutty taste of some of the grains gives a real comforting feel to the everyday bowl of rice. All with the added benefits of extra fibers, proteins and vitamins.



Made with doenjang and gochujang, two of the most emblematic Korean fermented pastes, The Korean Pantry Ssamjang is the sauce of choice for all sorts of wraps (Ssam). Just take some salad leaf, add some rice, the protein of your choice, some side dish or kimchi, a dab of ssamjang, wrap and enjoy in one big mouthful. Or add ssamjang to your bibimbap for a milder take on the traditional spicy rice dish. Perfect to just dip fresh vegs in too.



Korean Chopsticks And Spoon Set

The characteristics of Korean chopsticks are that they are made of metal and are flat. They do require a bit of training at first, but they help develop fine motors skills and you’ll be able to pick grains of rice one by one in no time. Made in Korea


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