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You earn points every time you purchase from a hawkker vendor and scan their unique vendor code. You earn more points when you leave them a rating and review. Once you've stacked up enough points, you can redeem them within the eater app as a discount by generating a reward code.

When a vendor signs up to hawkker using your invite code, and is approved, we will send you a £20 Amazon voucher when they first check-in and start trading. You can find your invite code in the profile section of the app. More details are on our invite code page.

No, hawkker is about discovering better food in person, going to the spaces where it's produced and sold and meeting the people who make it.

No, hawkker isn’t a payment system between vendors and eaters. We don’t take a cut per transaction from vendors (like some apps do). Our vendors handle their own payments and aren’t locked in to accepting transactions through hawkker.

Eaters can see which payment options are accepted by vendors to know whether they are able to pay with cash or card.

You can search and filter within the hawkker app based on your preferences. Vendors list dietary information on a dish-by-dish basis. With such a diversity of food available, we’ll make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

We ask all vendors to list which of the 14 potential allergens may be present across all their dishes as required by law.

Hawkker cannot guarantee the accuracy of any dietary or allergen information provided by vendors. You should ALWAYS check with vendors in person if you have any allergen or dietary concerns to be safe.

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We're totally free for both vendors and eaters.

It’s simple, go here to get started. It should take you less than 10 minutes. We recommend building your profile on a desktop (versus mobile) as it’s a bit easier, but you can do it on either.

The team at hawkker will review your profile, and once approved, all you need to do is download the app and you’re good to go.

Just log in here.

When a fellow vendor signs up using your invite code we'll send you a £20 Amazon voucher when they first check-in and start trading. You can find your invite code in the profile section of the app. More details about invite codes on our invite code terms page.

Absolutely, hawkker gives you total freedom with your payments. We only want to connect you with more customers and help you gather important insights that help you to grow your business.

After eaters complete a purchase from you worth more than £5.00, show them your unique vendor code. They scan this code and share insights like waiting time and purchase information through the eater app. Once they've eaten your food they’ll be prompted to rate their meal and leave a review that only you can see.

Purchases and leaving feedback earns them points. Eventually they can convert these points into discount vouchers. They present these vouchers to you within the app and you validate them using your vendor app. You can read more about hawkker points here.

Yes, this is a key condition of using the hawkker platform. We use hawkker points to motivate eaters to purchase from vendors like you and give you important feedback. In return for occasional discounts given to hawkker eaters, you get a powerful promotion and insights platform, which is totally free! However this only works if eaters can trust that their hawkker points will be accepted by vendors when claiming discounts.

You can read more about hawkker points here.

When you scan an eater’s discount voucher as a vendor, these hawkker points are transferred into your wallet. You can spend these points with hawkker for promotional purposes. You can use hawkker chat from the app or dashboard to contact us and we can design a promotional message to send to eaters (e.g. if you have a new dish or are opening a new shop).

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