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Papa Ji Food Truck blend their signature Indian spices breading to fiery strips, burgers, wings, and more, offering delicious dishes packed with fiery flavour.

How did Papa Ji get started?

So what the journey was, I had eight of my own restaurants and I was going to get rid of everything. I created this breading with a food scientist over a two-year period. Then what I did was, I went to South Africa and worked in a chicken shop in Johannesburg. I was going to relocate the whole family to move there, but my dad passed away overnight, and I just couldn’t leave.

"My main focus with this business is what we say in our slogan: It's not fast food, it's fresh food fast"

I still had this amazing breading, and I was actually going to start selling it to supermarkets, but that’s very expensive. And that’s when I thought of opening up Papa Ji’s Food Truck. I created the brand over a six-month period, and it’s been going very well since. The reviews now are so good that we’ve become a local superstar!

We go out of our way to make the best possible food, so getting these great reviews really just makes it all worthwhile. My main focus with this business is what we say in our slogan: “It’s not fast food, it’s fresh food fast’. We make sure to always give out top-quality food that people are going to love, and we’ve just been growing and growing. The hard work is paying off, slowly but surely.

Why did you call it Papa Ji?

Me and my wife were just sitting and talking, thinking about a name. We thought of Papa Ji, and ‘papa’ is a very universal name which just sounds nice. People instinctively know what it means. And the character Papa Ji is very colourful, happy, enticing, and vibrant. He appeals to all ages and just makes you feel happy.

Your signature seems to be your blend of breading, which you also sell separately on your website. What are your favourite dishes which you offer?

It’s difficult to say, there are so many. We have paneer poppers, our tandoori fish bites, the chaat masala chips, the fiery tikka chicken strips, the sticky Korean wings, the reggae reggae chicken wings, and our chicken naan wraps. Everything is good.

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