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Ninjō Noodle Bar was created by John Delahaye some eight years ago and has been going strong ever since! Ninjō is just about to introduce their brand-new menu – now, in addition to being entirely plant-based, their wonderful dishes are now completely gluten-free and healthier than ever. They will be returning to Chippenham and Trowbridge market from July 2020, and will be available for bookings to cater parties, weddings, and events.

Fragrant aubergine and rice

What inspired you to create Ninjō Noodle Bar?

As a lover of Chinese takeaway growing up, and of noodles in particular, I became very curious as to why food from the takeaway tasted so different to any attempt at a ‘fakeaway’ at home. Once I delved deeper into how most takeaway food was prepared, our mission became clear – we want to provide a healthier Asian menu using natural ingredients and a compassionate focus on dietary needs, but without sacrificing any of the flavour.

"We want to provide a healthier Asian menu using natural ingredients without sacrificing flavour"

How would you describe the cuisine you serve?

Our menu is Pan-Asian. We’ve used inspiration from Japan, China, Thailand, and India to put together our range of plant-based dishes. Each meal is prepared ‘wok-fresh’ to order, just as you might find on the streets of Hong Kong or Bangkok.

Fresh-made maki sushi

What do you love most about working out of a food truck?

Durability! We’ve endured everything from driving in pouring rain to battling against 60mph winds. And while there are also benefits to a pop-up setup, for us in particular – because we cook everything to order – we can’t be hanging on to stop the tent or gazebo blowing away while also keeping an eye on a smoking hot wok.

"We cook everything to order"

Which of your dishes is your favourite?

My new favourite is our fragrant aubergine with minced shiitake, served with basmati rice. It’s a really flavourful and comforting dish.

Pad see ew noodles
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